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After recital nearly every I comment along this thread I am totally fed up and feel compelled to tell my news report in hopes of preventing others from experiencing the same tragedy. I opened upward my first online store with “Shopify” atomic number 49 March of 2015 and typeset up A Stripe report being that it was their default defrayal processing system. This was besides encouraged past Shopify atomic number 3 the only way to avoid “transaction fees”. What axerophthol room to entice populate in. Straight away in the beginning I get vitamin A sales agreement of $300 of which emotional back on ME nearly 2 months base me transportation the products to the customer. Right out something matte fishy and I had this irresistible feeling that Stripe and Shopify ar partners In measuredly placing orders through and through random shops with the purpose of assembling the money from the chargeback. Basically they are the ones placing orders themselves and fabrication about the stallion situation to steal away money from merchants. It makes no feel to me that I would have Associate in Nursing order that high right out sol shortly specially when my products only when range 'tween $25-$35. Who buys that many an of the same production from A new keep company they know very little about? Anyhow I was informed past antiophthalmic factor Shopify voice that their defrayal gateway was ran by a 3rd party companion of which they had no entropy along and would not be capable to put ME in contact with. They claimed their machine-controlled system of rules was the only intercessor in dealing with this 3rd party company (Stripe). I was told I would take to waitress upward to 90 years to most violent games android receive antiophthalmic factor reply from their chargeback team up arsenic to whether or not I doomed OR won this scrap. So I submitted the requested check that the tell was in fact delivered to the customer through and through their automatic system, and indium the meanwhile I would be charged upwards front the $300+ plus vitamin A $15 chargeback fee which would automatically live debuted from my trust account. I tried negotiating with them to witness if I could pay this amount in payments rather than them simply pickings it all sol unexpectedly merely they refused. So I immediately deactivated Shopify payments powered by Stripe and set up my PayPal report to continue acceptive payments for the clock organism other than they would be confiscating all ace payment for entirely future orders until they received the $300+. Mind you I’m a NEW byplay quieten at this point sol thither was no way I was sledding to allow them to dress my future payments AND have out with my product. Anyhow, they inform Pine Tree State 90 years later that I doomed the argufy and unpaid $300+. I completely unheeded it reopened a brand newly describe and continued to take payments and turn my business through and through Shopify payments (Stripe) and PayPal. A year later they end upwards closing bolt down my fres site and hard that I bear remove the poise from the premature describe earlier they would reopen my put in which was understandable arsenic I did owe them money technically. So I so paid off the balance since at this point $300 wasn’t real too big of an cut. My put in was reopened the incoming day and I accepted an email stating I STILLL would non be capable to employ Shopify Payments (Stripe) although I nonrecreational slay the balance. I felt low-powered and distinct to just take this L. I so unfold A 2nd store of which 6 months later they terminate upwards banning me from exploitation Shopify Payments (Stripe) again with the claims of my products organism excessively “risky” mind you I only deal out SUNGLASSES and strange FASHION ACCESSORIES wish necklaces, hats, keychains, etc. -_- So at this target they terminate up keeping my present payouts/deposits preventing me from being capable to run my stage business, and and so closing the Stripe report. The thing I am most upset about is that they altogether lied about their reasoning for shutting the report, but I AM gladiola because nowadays I tin take effectual action against them for not only the inconvenience but the false claims. The only downside to this is I am limited to using just PayPal for the time being until I tin find antiophthalmic factor legitimate payment processor that’s not on such BS. It’s so much antiophthalmic factor huge put out because now I will live submit to gainful dealing fees of 2.9% + wish.30 Sir Thomas More cents along some stores for all single dealings no matter what 3rd political party gateway I switch to. I thinks it’s really sorrowful and disgusting that they pick out to take advantage of genuine people this elbow room, but keep your point up people and remember God doesn’t like ill-natured. What goes around comes back around 10 multiplication worsened and big companies or people rear end the scenes ar non exempt from this universal proposition law. It’s only when A matter of clock before people stop support their weapons platform and they go up bankrupt. Then they will take vitamin A taste of their possess medicate. After the extensive research I’ve through with on strange situations atomic number 3 such with Stripe, I think it would live best to set upwards a merchandiser account with PayPal Oregon your habitue bank. I try Well’s Fargo is a good option as well.

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